Mobiorder is a platform created to facilitate the ordering, registering and delivering of vehicles. Mobiorder saves all information in one overview so you can easily keep track of the process timeline.

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Integration with back offices

- From the moment the leasing company/STR creates an order, you are immediately informed by Mobiorder. All the actions you perform are automatically recorded in the leasing company's/STR's back office. 

- The electronic invoice can also be processed automatically in your client's accounting software.  All you have to do is enter an invoice number and a date. An additional validation of the invoice by your customer is no longer necessary.  

- All invoices can be viewed in the digital archive at any time and from any place. 

Ready for registration

- You can inform your customer of the delivery of the vehicle via Mobiorder. All the information required for vehicle registration is simply uploaded to Mobiorder. 

- You only need to enter the official vehicle details, including the number plate, once in Mobiorder.

Clear and user-friendly

- Mobiorder provides a transparent and short line of communication between the dealer and the leasing company. All documents (registration certificate, LC terms and conditions, receipt, etc.) are stored digitally with each order and can be viewed by anyone who has access to the order.

- Any user can send messages from an order at any time; the recipient receives an alert.

- The entire history of an order, from messages sent to actions taken, can be viewed at a glance. 

Real-time reporting

- Mobiorder offers a user-friendly interface with an intelligent tracking system. This means that all parties can see at a glance which orders require action.

- With the possibility to determine the structure of the overviews yourself.

- In the user interface you can also define selection criteria on vehicles or invoices and export reports in real time.

Collaboration with a distribution center

- When a license plate is registered, the leasing/STR company can order a duplicate via Mobiorder and provide a complete file in the vehicle. 

- Mobiorder offers the customer the possibility to configure all the equipment (documents, fuel card, original plate, duplicate plate, gadgets...) and to deliver them to the dealer in one single shipment.   

- Tracking of packages with track & trace.

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